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10 November 2009 @ 01:01 pm

uggggggh shes AMAZING.
everything and anything she does, i love.

jess. XD how bout that email, ma petite femme~?
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28 May 2009 @ 12:10 am
Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm gonna be at a-kon starting tomorrow attttt..... 10 lol were driving down there.

And my dress sucks ballz. Seriously. I'm not done so I'll probably be up all night and it will still suck DDDD: wish me luck.
Love you jess <3
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27 July 2008 @ 02:32 am
so I was watching a short interview abotu heath talking about the joker role... and the interviewer asks him something like:
"What was the more complex character you've had to play? Bob Dylan or the Joker?"
H: "The Joker. *laughs* Umm, well the Joker for sure. I mean, I was relieved of the physical duty of portraying Bob Dylan. You know, I didn't really have to ...so yea... so I'd say I guess the Joker, although the Joker was actually,  that was the most fun I've ever had, probably ever will have playing a character."

God I loved Heath ever before he was going to act one of my favorite villians, I loved him since his Knightly days DDD: and then he had to be gay and *lkdfjsdnfsndr DEATH.* you know how THAT GOES XD~~~ <333 and blah. Now... he's gone. And he was amazing. I don't know if I'd be more upset to see Christian Bale go rather than Heath. I'm just glad it was only one...
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11 February 2008 @ 04:19 pm
so I'm sick thanks to rex
and I stayed home today, I got caught up on LJ, thankfully DDD: i hadnt looked at it in DAAAYS and i was about.... 500 entries behind ~.~ and now I'm trying to get whatever done on DA D: and ive been meaning to upload sommore... cause I really want to XD; I need to finish the series and I drew this picture of Aime and WHOA. I... TOTALLY impressed myself, it makes me horny LAWL *SHOT* jsut kidding, but it is pretty amazing~~~

umm.  Like I told Jess, I'm not impressed with KAT-TUN's LIPS ~.~ not to mention the cover art is TERRIFYING XD (mostly in part to koki *COGUSDFHSJDF ahem*) whatever, they looked good in the video :B

DBSK is. AMAZING XD; *shot* their new single, Purple Line is... sex. that's the only word to describe it, that's all there is to it. and they made a Korean version to it~~~ I'm so happy <333 they've NEVER done that :B where they change a Japanese song to Korean *wets myself* anyways. *COUGH* its amazing, and the hilarious thing is, Rex loves dbsk XD;;; *shot* hes obsessed with them and is demanding a cd made by me XD;;;

I like Koda Kumi's new cd, well actually I don't think its new at all ~.~ Kingdom its called... whatev er, that was random XD;

ill stop babbling now hahahahah XD
26 January 2008 @ 01:01 pm
okay, so if anyones ever read the twilight series, youll know what book im talking about...

anyawys, i read the first book, which was good, and i want something else to read, so i ask for the second book, and im reading it and and and DDD: the way she describes stuff is so auuuugh. like... the vampire pretty much brok eup with her, never to see her again, but obviously the story keeps going, BUT THE WAY SHE DESCRIBES EVERYTHING @.@ it feels like its my own pain (i almost cried while reading this in the bathroom, yes lame.)
anyways. im getting really depressed about the whole thing... and rex *SIGH* yes REX, JESUS. (no one cares, hannah, shut up pleaaase~ [lookat me. lookat whats happening @.@]) anyways. so ... wait a minute.
CEDRIC DIGGORY AS EDWARD?!?!??! PUL-eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeEEEEE!!! NOOOOO EDWARD IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOODLIKE. D:<<< NOT CEDRIC DIGGORY-LIKE *throws up* sorry @.@ (theyre making twilight into movies and cedric diggory from HP is edward. NO.)

and and and. Heath Ledger is DEAD?! *cries more*
today is not a good day. D:

oh. and im grounded, the only reason im on is so i can *maybe* talk to rex D: by texting him from the compy (i still cant text from my phone, sorry that was misleading up there...) but yah. im not allowed to be on XD im trying to look at lj and such through school, but its obviosully the weekend lol XD;
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04 January 2008 @ 11:02 pm
okay... so here's the blog about rex, johnny, ouran host club (wtf), and other happenings lately XD; just cause i said i would... but i think those puppies will have to wait;;; lol

-ouran club is still stealing my life XD; i wish i was as cute as honey-kun <333~~~ tamaki i think i would die for, the twins eat me, and haruhi is the luckiest girl EVER. (i think ive already said all this XD) im on episode 11 now...
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22 September 2007 @ 08:58 pm
Okay, so no one is going to read this, and I have no one to tell, because no one cares. XD;;; (so sad...)

Well, I [FINALLY] got DBSK's new single *spazzes* and, like everyone else, I'm obsessed with the song: Ride On on the single XDDDDDDDDDDDD~~~ lyrics time, yes~?

"open your door and you’ll be free, so thrust the key in...
right now, we’ve reached the ignition, but we’re not getting off yeah"

*explodes* My boys aren't fully innocent anymore (junsuisgettingtothemalluwaaah~thewhore~)

so, whatever, I got REALLY excited when I typed in Ride On on youtube, to see if they had anything, turns out someone put the song to the single's title: SHINE pv... DDD: I did not know that (cause I have YET to download the video *cries*) but it fit REALLYWELLWITHTHESONG. *shot*

<param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/XvkLZCQOYFs"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/XvkLZCQOYFs" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>
It fits really well (other than horrible lip synching and repeats~~~~*shot*) until I saw the SHINE video, found out it was the SHINE pv, and NOT Ride On *cries* so it's dead now XD;;;
(cause SHINE is totally adorible...)

<param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/DP834AcOK1I"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/DP834AcOK1I" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>


on another note, I finished DeathNote @.@ *CRIES* [onlypickedthe'mellow'moodiconinmemoir*CRIES*]
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30 August 2007 @ 10:12 pm
So, I'm super angry right now, for no apparent reason.
Other than sitting in a car with Mel (yes THAT Mel) for about... 2 hours.
She was in such a bad mood, and I was doing fine dealing with it until I got home, then it HIT. Ohmygawds. DDDD:<<<

And I was with her for two hours and a half BEFORE that. She wasn't at our last dance practice, so she doesn't know the dance, so I was trying to teach it to her (and she's complaining about the song and seniority rules that I should've shot it down blah blah blah) so she wasn't too enthusiastic there and then we made cakes, and well then they decided let's all drive to each of their houses and drop off the cakes~! FINE. Well, I was like, I'm riding in the van (with all the other girls... Mel was driving her truck) and so I go back in and get my bag AND I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT SOOOO HARD. BUT I HAD TO GET MY BAG. I come back and the beeechesstolemyfookingspotinthevan. SO GUESS WHERE I HAVE TO GO. BY MYSELF. So the whole time, she's complaining this and that and we're making small talk and crap... then it's about 9:15, right? Well we're driving down a busy road, and we're delivering cakes. The van pulls into a Subway on the side of the road, and me and Mel are thinking...??? We're like okay, they're just wanting to turn around or something,
THEY PARK, STREAM OUT OF THE CAR AND GO INTO SUBWAY AND START ORDERING *RIPS HAIR OUT* Me and Mel just start laughing hysterically cause we can't believe it. We're both super hungry, but do you see us stopping at side restraurants??? NO. Wahtever, we went to Sonic DDDDDDDDDD:

So I'm just REALLY mad about that... Thank God tomorrow is Friday... we have a game... that's away, not too thrilled, BUT AT LEAST ITS NOT PRACTICE @.@ I'd go insane. And then we have a game at 11 tomorrow morning, I have to go to church when I get back so I can spend the night at Katelyn's ... then we get up, go to some anime thing, cause Kat really wants me to go... and I want to buy two Deathnotes while I'm at the mall (cause I'm super addicted...) and then I have a birthday party (which is swimming, and I can bet you Jae will be there... and I hope to GOD he goes swimming again @.@) and then I'll spend the night at Kat's... *SIGH* We don't have school on Monday, but we're doing a lot for dance team AGAIN. and then we have volleyball practice AGAIN.
And I just KNOW my family is going to get super mad at me cause I'm "never at home" and "I don't spend time with the family" and let's not forget: "YOU WEREn'T HERE TO DO THE DISHES!!! D:<<<"

OH. AND LET'S NOT FORGET. Jae is trying to leave band. If Irene leaves (cause she wants to...) I'm totally not even staying.

*goes off frustrated*
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18 August 2007 @ 11:11 pm
So~ Orientation was the other day (my locker is NOT all set up DDD: only Jin is hanging there XD; looking like a total ANGEL *Q*) I saw some kids, and found out that Jae is coming back (and will be in band wtf lol XD~) I think I'm going to go back to trumpet, cause she said she has no more trumpets XD~ I hope Ho is in band D: she says she didn't remember (the band teacher) if he was or not DDD: so I'm like HE'D BETTER DANGIT.
Anyways... I found out we have a Korean girl (she IS TALL @.@) in our class~ she's so pretty and I want to DUMP all these DBSK questions on her XD;;; and pronounce everything wrong and look like an idiot, but whatever XD She said to call her Irene~ *shrug*

And I talked to coach today... about our little... dilemma... how I want to play backrow and how I think I would be better there and blah blah, and how much I suck at frotn row XD;;; I was seriously about to cry (I DID. pathetically I did... but only a couple tears, and I whiped them away and blah blah D: ) cause I was so frustrateed and ugh. Today was not cool...
But suprisingly she took it really well XD;;; she was like, I'm really glad you talked to me about this, I think it's a really good idea, and I was thinking about it, but I didn't want to change anything and blah blah and she was like I was really hoping someone would say something if they were uncomfortable... so she was like thank you for coming and talking to me~ and I was like @.@ OMGSKDJFSDF. but she said she'll try it next game...the thing that TERRIFIES ME is that I was like now the only thing I'm worried about is that I'll stink back there too, and she says: oh you won't. And I was like... what? why not? and she said: because you asked to be put back there and you're going to do it. XD;;; so that was a bit uncomfy XD;;
so I really hope I do well D: I hope to make it better for the team, cause that is another reason why I asked to be back there XD;;;

wish me luck~ :)
(btw the deathnote movie ROCKED XD at first it made me want to cry cause it was SO BAD D: I was like omg my books are being KILLED. but then it got really good and I was all talking to the screen and blah blah XD Ryuk's teeth scare me DDD: they look like shark's teeth....................................... OMGMISAAMANEISSHUUJIFROMNOBUTAWOPRODUCE'SGIRLFRIEND*DEATH*)
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17 August 2007 @ 09:25 pm
*le sigh*
Well... I'm depressed about the lack of space on my computer once again... and today (well lately) I've been dying at the lack of new music...  so that means I have to download more (currently downloading Big Bang's new mini-album omg I'm addicted to Lie @.@ it's HOT. toptoptototpprotprttempo... stuff of BoA [cause I need to like her XD;;; and I've never given her a chance...] and I'm gonna try some Le ArcenCiel [omgkillmeIcannotspelltheirnametosavemylife] because I need to like them too ~.~) Right now, I'm listening to the Rain album I never listened to, random Pierrot songs I've downloaded, random Kozi songs I've downloed (I love his solo stuff @.@ it's so WIERD &hearts; ) and SID stuff (I always bounce back and forth liking their stuff lol XD either I REALLY like it, or I'm like crap~ *throws it out* D: )
So that's making me sad... cause whatever.

Volleyball is going okay... but coach keeps putting me as a frontrow hitter and that's it... like, I think I'm better backrow, but she never gives me a chance D: it makes me mad... and she always gripes me out cause I can't hit worth beans... and one of my best friends is really getting discouraged cause she never plays... and I think she's a far better front row person than I am D: so justletmeplaybackrowdammit.
I plan to talk to coach about this (sometime..Idunnosheterrifiesme...) cause I'm sick of not being able to meet her requirements when I can do better :PPP *sob story~*

and I need a life. I think that's all~
*currently screencapping just CAUSE.*

I got the Deathnote movie today... I really want to watch it, but I don't know how far it goes into the series or if it goes into the series at all D: I HATE having spoilers for the original work (like... watching the movie for FMA before watching the anime or manga or whatever...) I dunno I can't ever watch things out of order...
But whatever, my mom's occupying the tv [AS ALWAYS D:< ] so I can't watch it, even if I wanted to...

*goes and deletes stuff off the compy...*
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